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Regardless of whether you want to park your bike on a regular basis or just for a certain period of time, or whether you just want to try out the new service at no obligation, ParkYourBike offers you a variety of different tariff options to choose from.


You make the decision and remain flexible

The following tariffs are available for you to choose from and are valid at all ParkYourBike facilities.

Flex Tariff (per bike)

the first 24 hours free of charge
€ 0.70 for each additional 24 hours or part thereof

Free pilot operation for Friedrichsfelde Ost and Schöneweide S-Bahn stations and the Alt-Mariendorf U-Bahn station.

Season Tickets
  • Monthly Ticket7,00 €
  • Annual Ticket70,00 €

Paid Season Tickets can be used at all ParkYourBike facilities.
It is not possible to book bike slots exclusively.
If the validity of a Season Ticket expires during a parking transaction, the Flex Tariff comes into effect. This may result in further costs.

From the two fairly priced options, you can choose the tariff that suits you best:

With the Flex Tariff, you park free of charge for the first 24 hours per parking transaction. After that, a fee of € 0.70 is charged for each additional 24 hours or part thereof. You will be billed once a month using the payment method stored in your profile.

Both Monthly (€7.00) and Annual (€70.00) Season Tickets are available. With a Season Ticket, you can park as long and as often as you would like during the period you choose – one day, one week, one month or one year. If your chosen period ends and your bike is still parked in a ParkYourBike facility, then the Flex Tariff goes into effect for the additional time. In the ParkYourBike app, you can buy one Season Ticket per bike and also display all purchased Season Tickets there.

Example: You have an Annual Ticket for your bike, but for regular family outings in the summer you buy Monthly Tickets for the bikes of your family members, which are then also displayed in your app under the menu item Parking and billed via your chosen payment method.

You can purchase Season Tickets directly in the app. They must be purchased before the start of the parking process. Afterwards, they are automatically added to your account and are available at the terminal at the start of the parking process. Season Tickets cannot be purchased at the facilities themselves. If your Season Ticket has expired or you have not purchased a Season Ticket, you will automatically park at the Flex Tariff.

Settlement and payment method

The Flex Tariff and Season Tickets are billed using the ParkYourBike app, where your payment method is also stored.

You can currently use the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

Note: You need to store a valid payment method during registration.