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Parking your bike safely and securely

Whether for leisure or everyday use, anyone who rides a bicycle wants suitable parking facilities to protect their bike from bad weather and thieves. ParkYourBike
offers you protected bicycle parking. Because it’s an amenity that is part of sustainable mobility in a bicycle-friendly city.


Register free of charge

Easy-to-use, flexible and reliable:

Complete the one-time registration process free of charge and store your payment method
Get the ParkYourBike Web App and start now.

Parking with a Season Ticket or minute-based billing
Use the app to find a bike slot near you. Choose the tariff that suits you and park your bike. You can choose between unrestricted parking for a period of time you select or parking with minute-based recording and billing of the time spent parked. You can also reserve bike slots in advance.

Access to the parking facility at any time
You want to stay out late or have to get up really early in the morning? No problem! You can park and fetch your bike at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year.


One app does it all – citywide

ParkYourBike offers you protected bike parking facilities in Berlin, and you need just one app for reservation, access and payment.


Collective bike parking

Collective parking is the optimal system for safely and securely parking many bicycles in one place.


Individual bike parking

Just one bicycle is usually parked in an individual bike parking slot; personal items can also be stored there.


We’re staying the course

In addition to collective parking and individual parking, larger facilities are already in the planning stage, including bike parking garages with ParkYourBike slots. We will keep you informed about news and locations on this Website and in the ParkYourBike app.


This is where you can park your bike safely

Here you can see where you can safely park your bike – and you are also able to reserve a bike slot in advance.

We are also planning additional facilities at various locations throughout the city – we’ll keep you posted.


View locations

Beispielhafte Kartenansicht

Our tariffs for you

The following tariffs are available for you to choose from and are valid at all ParkYourBike facilities. 


Flex Tariff (per bike)

the first 24 hours free of charge
€ 0.70 for each additional 24 hours or part thereof


Season Tickets
  • Monthly Ticket7,00 €
  • Annual Ticket70,00 €

Paid Season Tickets can be used at all ParkYourBike facilities.
It is not possible to book bike slots exclusively.
If the validity of a Season Ticket expires during a parking transaction, the Flex Tariff comes into effect. This may result in further costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and reservation of bike slots are both free of charge. You only incur costs for parking, for which there are a variety of different tariff levels; see the tariff information on the ParkYourBike website.


You can reserve a maximum of five bike slots per location at the same time up to 24 hours in advance; this service is free of charge.

Parking means that you leave a bike at one of the ParkYourBike locations; this process is subject to a fee and starts when the door to the parking facility or individual bike parking is opened. The first 24 hours parking is free of charge. As with reservations, you can park up to five bikes per location at the same time. 

With ParkYourBike, you can park at various secured facilities in Berlin and only need one app to do so. Booking and parking are fast and easy, and you can remain flexible at all times. Your bicycle is parked so that it is safe and dry.