Today marks the first of the annual maintenance works on the bike parking facility at Schöneberg Town Hall. An on-site service team will ensure the smooth parking and pick-up of bikes. 

Reliable bicycle parking also means that the facility where you want to park your bicycle works properly and smoothly. To ensure this, annual maintenance is scheduled by the facility manufacturer and the ParkYourBike team.

Everything is checked

In addition to the maintenance of the system at Schöneberg Town Hall in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district, the electrical components of the system are also checked in accordance with the applicable regulations. The doors of the bike boxes will also be opened as part of the maintenance and inspection. The ParkYourBike team, which coordinates the process on site and is available to answer users' questions, guarantees that bicycles that have been parked are still secured. The parking slots in the individual bike boxes at Schöneberg Town Hall can also be used during maintenance.  

All users of the facility were informed in advance by email about the upcoming maintenance and repair work.