At the beginning of 2024, temporary bicycle boxes and collective bike parking facilities, which can be used via ParkYourBike, will go into pilot phase at four locations in Berlin. Some of these mobile facilities were delivered and set up today.

The ParkYourBike service will soon be expanded and available at four new locations in Berlin. There will be 24 parking slots at each of these stations, 20 of which will be in a collective parking facility in the form of double-decker units and 4 individual boxes:

  • S Friedrichsfelde-Ost (Lichtenberg), Seddiner Str. 10
  • U-Bahnhof Wutzkyallee (Neukölln), Rotraut-Richter-Platz
  • U-Bahnhof Alt-Mariendorf (Tempelhof-Schöneberg), Reißeckstraße 14
  • S Schöneweide (Treptow-Köpenick), Michael-Brückner-Str. 41

As these are mobile facilities that are self-sufficiently supplied with electricity, they can also be set up at other locations after a period of operation and evaluation.

The collective parking facilities and individual boxes were developed and manufactured by Kienzler Stadtmobiliar GmbH from Hausach, the terminal is from BIK TEC GmbH from Hückelhoven.

New favourite spot for your bike

Depending on the location, the protected facilities are in the immediate vicinity of the public transport stations or are easy to find thanks to additional signs at the stations and free parking facilities. The facilities at the Friedrichsfelde-Ost, Alt-Mariendorf and Schöneweide stations can be previewed before they are put into operation. The facility at Wutzkyallee station will be installed in January 2024. You can register free of charge for later use in the ParkYourBike web app with just a few clicks. For the three-month pilot phase, use at the four locations will also be free of charge. Afterwards, the ParkYourBike tariffs will apply, which are affordable and flexible.

Promotion of attractive and reliable cycling infrastructure

The four facilities are being funded by the "Stadt und Land" special programme of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport as part of the Federal Government's Climate Protection Programme 2030 and the Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment.